Together, pamoja, we can build
futures and families for Tanzanian children

"We ourselves know that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean. But the ocean would be less without that missing drop. We can do no great things, only small things with great love."
-Mother Teresa

Why TST?

Kids belong in families, whenever it is possible - and when it's not an option, kids deserve loving, family-style homes. Children end up in our care when mothers die in childbirth or shortly after, suffer from mental illness, or abandon them.

Our first priority is keeping families together, and we provide business training, microfinance, and other support through our family preservation program. However, in some cases long term care is a necessity. In those cases, we aim to ensure healthy attachment with local caregivers.

A different way forward

When children can't be reunited with family or adopted, we work with the community to create long term homes at Nkoaranga Orphanage and Happy Family Children's Village. The kids grow up embedded in their community, where they belong, supported by a network of sponsors from across Tanzania and the world.

The Small Things recognizes that local problems require local solutions, and listen to the community and families we work with, in order to create sustainable, participatory and evolving care plans for the children's future.

How can I
make a difference?


Sponsor a child monthly, and develop a relationship that can last a lifetime. Give them a future for less than the cost of a daily cup of coffee! Or sponsor a family with a one-time donation, and help them become self-sufficient and stay together.

Become VolunteerVolunteer

Volunteer with us in Tanzania, and have a life changing experience - with confidence that every penny is being put towards your stay or the welfare of the children.

Send DonationDonate

Every dollar goes farther than you can imagine, here on the ground. 100% of donations through the website go directly to our programs, not to administration!

Meet Suleman

Suleman is a brave little boy who has just begun to walk! His mother passed away shortly after his birth, and it was discovered early on that a heart condition would require one-to-one care through TST's "Project Riziki". He is quickly growing into a happy boy who enjoys playing with the other toddlers. Sule's uncle visits the Nkoaranga Orphanage frequently, and regularly contacts the mamas to receive updates about his progress. Sponsor Suleman to help ensure a happy and healthy future for this special boy!

  • Canadian In Tanzania

    Donation : $1060 / $800.00

    I am honored to have this privilege to be working with The Small Things as a volunteer to experience Tanzania not just as a traveler passing through but as someone who wants to embrace the culture and be apart of an experience that not just affects myself but the people around me as well.

  • School Fundraiser!

    Donation : $400 / $400.00

    A school in Denmark has raised money through small fundraising projects towards The Small Things.

  • Bahnik Brothers' TST Snack Stand!

    Donation : $50 / $50.00

    The awesome Bahnik brothers of Oyster Bay Cove, New York set up this awesome snack stand at their cousins' baseball tournament to raise funds for TST, while refueling their hungry and thirsty friends!

  • Sunshine Coast Marathon For TST

    Donation : $405 / $800.00

    On the 30th August I will be running the Sunshine Coast marathon. It will be my first marathon. I am not looking to beat a particular time but am looking to finish the race and hopefully raise some money for an organisation that is very important to me, The Small Things.

  • Washers And Dryers

    Donation : $1950 / $3,000.00

    Tom McCloud (Tulsa) and friends are working to raise funds to purchase MUCH needed washers and dryers for the orphanage and children's home here in Nkoaranga. Their goal is $3,000 total which would cover 3 sets of washers and dryers that are needed.

  • Coffee Sale

    Donation : $108 / $108.00

    My name isAnne-Mari (Ansku). I first met the kids of Nkoaranga orphanage as a volunteerin 2011 and fell in love with the place. I have been going back every since. This coming Sunday (16.8) I will be putting up a small coffee shop in my hometown in Espoo, Finland to do a little fundraising for the Small Things Summer. If you are in the neighborhood come say hello or if not consider donating something for a good cause anyways :) Thank you for everything you can give!

  • Purdy's For The Small Things

    Donation : $10 / $100.00

    Every time the staff at Purdy's buy a coffee they will be donating $1 to the Small Things

  • St. Albert Bottle Drive/Lemonade Stand

    Donation : $1740 / $1,000.00

    St. Albert, Alberta, Canada residents, Karen and Mike Brooks will be holding a bottle drive from Thursday, August 13th, to Friday, August 15th. Karen is also running a lemonaid/cookie stand with the help of her dayhome children throughout the month of August!

  • Snowdon Summit For The Small Things

    Donation : $132 / $150.00

    Mother and daughter duo - Shirley Vearncombe and TST board member, Bethan Crisp, will be tackling harsh terrain whilst battling with wet and windy weather conditions to reach the summit of Mount Snowdon in North Wales.

  • Former Volunteers say Read Below

    "Some of the days you feel exhausted because all of the work in the orphanage, the noise and the running around. But every day was so rewarding!! The kids will find a way to your heart and stay there! I can't think of anything I would really want to see improved/changed about the program."

    Lorenzo Vidotto (University Student From Italy)
  • Former Volunteers say Read Below

    "Volunteering at Nkoaranga Orphanage was an incredible experience, full of hard work and surrounded by love. I have missed those children every day since my return home - they become part of your heart, and you become part of theirs as well. It is a privilege to know the amazing people who work there."

    Amy B. Fontaine (Teacher From NYC On Sabbatical)
  • Former Volunteers say Read Below

    "Volunteering at Nkoaranga Orphanage changed my life; it made me the person I am today. Meeting those beautiful children and inspiring Mamas was one of the best experiences of my life. Volunteering at NK was the best decision I have ever made."

    Emily Claire Butler (Nurse From The UK)
  • Former Volunteers say Read Below

    "Volunteering with The Small Things has got to be one of the most surreal and amazing experiences of my life… Everyone- from the other volunteers to the Mamas, staff, and Nkoaranga locals- make sure that you feel right at home! Within weeks, you will feel settled and already have fallen completely in love with the babies and kids (seriously, they're adorable)."