Sponsor: Children

Sponsoring a child is a great way to support our work, open your family to a child without one, and develop an ongoing relationship with one amazing little boy or girl. Sponsors receive twice-yearly updates with photos and videos, and a letter detailing your child's progress. Sponsors are also encouraged to send letters, birthday or holiday presents, and can track their child's progress through our website and Facebook page. Click on the children's pictures below to learn more about them, or scroll down for all the details on our sponsorship program and to sign up!

To become a sponsor, just sign up in USD or GBP at your chosen level below. Then either pick a child to sponsor through the widget at the top of the page, or include a note with a child's name or asking us to assign one to you. It's that simple!

Let us know if this donation is a gift, and we will send the recipient a beautiful card letting them know about your generosity. You can cancel your sponsorship at any time through your Paypal account or by emailing us and asking us to discontinue it.

Choose Your Sponsorship Level in USD
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Donations are processed securely through Paypal or American Express. You are also welcome to send a check to our headquarters!

As you know, Nkoaranga Orphanage is locally owned and we function as one of several support organizations, so children may have several sponsors. While we want our children to know and come to love their sponsors, we don't want to penalize children without one. Therefore, all sponsorship donations go into a communal fund used to support all of the children's care, and is spent in accordance with the immediate needs of the orphanage. However, any gifts or letters sent will go directly to your child.

We have five levels of sponsorship available:

• Rafiki (Friend) sponsorship: $15 or ₤10 per month covers your child's toys, games, trips off the property, and medical care.

• Mualim (Teacher) sponsorship: $30 or ₤20 per month covers your child's day preschool, plus buys books for the orphanage.

• Shangazi (Aunt) or Mjomba (Uncle) sponsorship: $50 or ₤30 per month covers your child's food and vitamins.

• Mzazi (Parent) sponsorship: $75 or ₤50 per month covers the mama's salaries and the child's housing and clothes.

• Shujaa (Hero) sponsorship: $150 or ₤100 per month covers all of the above! Shujaa sponsors can also choose to help cover our administrative and other costs by adding on an additional amount per month.