Join the TST Sponsor Family today, and spark opportunity for one of the kids that we support.

The Small Things integrates a comprehensive family preservation program with high-quality, loving, community-based residential care. That means keeping children in homes where they belong, caring for them when their families can’t, and doing all that we can to reunify children in our care with relatives.

The Problem

0+ Tanzanian women still die in childbirth every year
0% of Tanzanian children have lost one or both parents
0% of Tanzanians live under the poverty line

Our Impact Since 2013

0% of children entering orphanages are expected to return to family without support
0% of children in our care are now returning home by age 5, with TST’s support
0% of residential kids will eventually return home, through our programs

Keeping families together

Supporting sustainable businesses

Meet kids and families in need of sponsors

Our goal is to keep children in homes where they belong, caring for them when their families can’t, and helping reunite them with relatives after leaving our care. But we can’t do it alone – sponsor today, and build a wonderful relationship with one of the children that we support.

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