Goodbye Baby Daniel

Today we say goodbye to another Nkoaranga baby, but for a happier reason – baby Daniel is being adopted! A missionary family who already has two adopted African daughters has taken Daniel home with them. While it can take some time for the adoption process to go through, Daniel will live with his new parents and sisters until that happens.

Gorgeous baby Daniel
Growing, laughing, playing! 

Earlier this year, little Joyce (now Soana Joyce) was also adopted by a wonderful family, making it a great year for the Nkoaranga orphanage kids. She’s gotten so big and beautiful in the meantime!

Not such a little shrimp anymore!

In both cases, the youngest child in the orphanage was the one chosen. This is the general pattern, and it is understandable from the adoptive parents’ point of view – they want to raise their children from as close to birth as possible. However, I can’t say it doesn’t hurt a little, knowing for our older kids that each day lessens their chances of having an adoptive family. Below are Vicki and Filipo, who came in as newborns during my first month. Look how big they’re getting!

Baby Vicki
Baby Filipo

We are thrilled for Daniel and wish him all the best in his new home. Meanwhile, we will work to keep all the rest of our babies healthy and happy. It will never be quite the same as having parents – but it’s important to make the Nkoaranga family the next best thing.

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