Our 99th post, and Project MAJI SUCESS!

I’m thrilled to announce that Project MAJI is now officially fully funded! In December, my wonderful co-sponsor Bethan Crisp and I will be installing one filtration system directly into Nkoaranga orphanage’s plumbing, so that ALL the water used for cooking, drinking and washing dishes will be bacteria and protozoa free and safe to drink without boiling! Never again will the mamas or volunteers have to deny a child a drink of water because things have been too hectic to keep some boiling on a back burner.

We will also be installing three bucket filtration systems in each of the Nkoaranga hospital wards (male, female and pediatric), so that hospital inpatients will no longer risk their already stressed immune systems by drinking untreated water. The advantage of the bucket system in this case is that it makes the filtration system visible, and since hospital inpatients change every few days, it is important that they be conscious of the filtration process rather than risking dehydration by avoiding all the hospital water.

I could not be more thrilled and proud with how willingly (and fast!) everyone stepped up to the plate to help make this happen. We will be sure to bring back lots of photos, videos, and responses from the orphanage and hospital once the systems are installed. Thank you all, from the bottom of my heart, for helping to keep our babies, and all those who pass through the hospital, healthy and safe.

Special thanks for this project go out to:

Pennie and Peter Branden
Amy and Steve Eppler Epstein
Leslie Gildhart
Sarah Patrick
Sorcha Bradford
Mary-Jane Wright
Sharon Hutchinson
Wayne and Sandra Leland
Jane Butler
David Cohen
Dawid Mastalerczyk
Kiana Thompson, with love from Auntie Kristina
Tobias Foster, with love from Auntie Kristina
Noah Foster, with love from Auntie Kristina
The Ridler Family
Jordan Louise Edwards

And a special thanks to Oyster Worldwide and Irene at Farrant Aquamatic Products Ltd

I’ll close with a favorite quote from the always wise and wonderful Margaret Mead:

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”