Thank you letter from the fabulous Bethan Crisp

A MASSIVE thank you to The Small Things and most importantly, to all of the amazing supporters and donations we have had towards Project Maji. This has been a super quick and successful project but is going to be one that lasts a life time!!

I can’t wait to return to Nkoaranga and be alongside the brilliant Bekka, witnessing the smiles and appreciation from the children and the mama’s at the orphanage as well as the staff and patients of Nkoaranga hospital.

No more saying ‘no’ the children when they innocently ask for a cup of water! BRILLIANT!!

We are currently in the position where we are seeking out four additional schools/orphanages/hospitals who we feel would benefit from having a bucket filtration system, as, thanks to the great people at Business Connect, we have been able to purchase SEVEN bucket systems as opposed to the intended three. This is great news and means that we can massively improve the everyday health, wellbeing and lives of other children and patients around Arusha!

We cannot thank you enough for all of the help and recognition we have received and this has given me motivation and a boost to start looking at further possibilities of ways we can help the beautiful people of Tanzania…

Pennie and Peter Branden
Amy and Steve Eppler Epstein
Leslie Gildhart
Sarah Patrick
Sorcha Bradford
Mary-Jane Wright
Sharon Hutchinson
Wayne and Sandra Leland 
Jane Butler 
David Cohen 
Dawid Mastalerczyk 
Kiana Thompson, with love from Auntie Kristina 
Tobias Foster, with love from Auntie Kristina 
Noah Foster, with love from Auntie Kristina 
The Ridler Family 
Jordan Louise Edwards
And a special thanks to Oyster Worldwide and Irene at Farrant Aquamatic Products Ltd

And a note from Bekka: I’ll leave you with a little video that shows you just how far these kids can come with a little extra attention – for those who don’t know, at 12 months Zawadi was really struggling, very sick with worms, badly malnourished, not from intentional neglect from the mamas but simply from the lack of adequate staffing to not only notice that she was suffering from worms, but get her tested and treated. Seh’s come such an incredible distance since then – today at 22 months, she is walking, talking, and just generally being a genius in every way. I’m not at all biased, of course, just because I desperately want to adopt her and bring her home. TOTALLY objective. So here she is. 
We do amazing things when we work together. Thank you for being part of our kids’ lives. And just because Project MAJI is over, doesn’t mean we don’t still need the help – we’re constantly raising money to get the kids into school, the mamas paid a living wage, keep the chicken coop and garden going and the formula and vitamins stocked – basically everything we can do to keep our kids happy and healthy. Help us today!