That’s Dainess on the right, in a rare quiet(er) moment. Usually she is jumping, dancing, picking up a younger child, or chattering with her friends. When my husband and I visited Nkoaranga orphanage in April 2011, Dainess attached herself to me the minute I came into the orphanage, launching herself like a missile into my arms, confident I would catch her (I did). She is a lovely, bright, radiant child, full of life and smart as a whip. She was curious about everything we did with her, asking the English names of every item of clothing, piece of jewelry, animal — serving as my impromptu interpreter. Pretty amazing for a preschooler! Now she is a young girl ready for school. I believe she has a bright future and deserves the chance to have a good start in life through education. With her curiosity, she’ll just sponge up all that school has to offer. Please, help us give her that opportunity today by contributing to our Education Project – see all the details here.