Only 97 days to go…

So, this week has been a pretty hectic week. The start of university, new friends, new city, new life. But, by far, the most important thing that has happened to me is (finally) the booking of my tickets back to Tanzania, and those beautiful children that I miss more every single day.

I’m only able to go for two weeks over Christmas because of university, but any time spent with the children at all means more than you could ever imagine. I arrive on Christmas day and I couldn’t think of a more perfect present than to see those little monkeys and their cheeky grins again.
The children have a way of imprinting themselves on your heart. They are all so funny and smart and kind and loving, which means that once you have met them, it’s impossible to forget them. I cannot wait to see them again, and love the thought that everyday I’m one step closer to seeing their beautiful little faces.
This is only a short blog, to express my UNBELIEVABLE EXCITEMENT at the thought of seeing the kids again. So, to make up for my lack of words, I give you a gorgeous video of Andrea, Saimoni and David playing with bubbles. This is a perfect example of how much Saimoni’s rickets have improved as you can see how mobile and fast he has gotten. Enjoy!