Bittersweet milestones – three first birthdays

This is a happy and a sad week – it’s been one year since three fantastic kids came into the world.

Vicky, November 26th

Filipo, November 28th

And today would have been Reziki’s first birthday, November 29th. I can’t do better than Amy’s beautiful post about his short life, here. All I can say is that we love and miss you, and you are not forgotten.

As part of honoring his memory, we’re doing everything we can to keep Peace, our newest little preemie, healthy and strong. As of this morning, he is 3.25 kilos – which means he’s gained a half kilo in the last week, which is FANTASTIC news. We hope that our providing the funds to have one mama caring for him exclusively has helped, and we look forward to him being a happy, healthy member of the Nkoaranga family.

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