Daoudi, Peace

Remember our new little guy, Daoudi? Turns out the mamas have renamed him Peace, both as a reflection of his personality and, I’d guess, because we already have a little and big David! He’s a gorgeous boy, but he’s definitely struggling – he has barely grown in his first month on earth. What he truly needs is a NICU – but since that’s not an option, the next best thing is to have one person with him all the time, focusing just on coaxing him to eat and keeping him close to another body for temperature regulation. So since we can’t fund a NICU (at least not yet!), we CAN fund an extra mama for the next three weeks, until some of us are flying out and can help share the burden. For just $100 per week, we can ensure that there is an extra woman focusing just on his needs, and we have spoken to the orphanage already about getting that going ASAP. In addition, we hope that our little man will hold on until we arrive bearing special high calorie, premature infant formula donated by Rebecca Woolf of Girls Gone Child. Until then, we can only do our best to help the mamas, and pray for him, and wait.

Baby Daoudi a month ago
And a few days ago, newly renamed baby Peace
A few hundred dollars is such a small price to save a life, but without support from donors like The Small Things, orphanages in Tanzania all too frequently watch their babies pass away. Thank you for anything you have already given or can give.