A day full of love and cherished memories

Though I never met Reziki my heart still aches at the thought that he is no longer with us. Hearing everyone’s kind words about him is so special as it means that his memory will still live on. I wish that I could have had the chance to know that beautiful little boy and to love him as he deserved to be loved.

Yesterday, on November the 29th, on the day that would have been Reziki’s 1st birthday, my cousin gave birth to a beautiful little boy. A boy who will be loved and cared for more than words could describe- just as Reziki would be if he was still here.
So, even though little Reziki is no longer with us, I feel we should still celebrate the sweet boy that he was. Remember him fondly and use his memory as inspiration for us to work as hard as we can to ensure our children are safe and happy. From now on I will use November the 29th to celebrate the birthday of my gorgeous new baby cousin and to remember that beautiful boy who is no longer here.

We, at The Small Things, strive to ensure that our children are safe. We are working in the memory of our beautiful Reziki, a boy who fought so hard to stay alive.If you ever get the chance, then take a second to remember those we have lost, and to celebrate those we have around us. There is nothing more valuable in this world than your family. Whether it is the caring family my baby cousin has come in to, or the loving family that is Nkoaranga orphanage and The Small Things- they all share a love that cannot be measured.

So, even though I never knew you Reziki, please know that you still hold a special place in my heart, and I promise to love my new cousin as much as you are loved even though you are no longer with us.
Sleep peacefully little man.