Hannukah and Piki Pikis

Bethan and Maureeni, cheesing for the camera

Happy Hannukah from Tanzania! Not a phrase that’s uttered PARTICULARLY regularly, but I’ve always been a tad unconventional. To the kids, though, it’s Christmas, Christmas, Christmas. Tomorrow we’re having a Christmas party, which Baba Christmasi HIMSELF will be attending (in the person of Kelvin from KATZ volunteers). Each kid will also get a full new set of clothes and pair of shoes, plus a present from our grab bag of fun, all donated by you amazing people. They will be so excited!

A very sleepy Ester

This week has been incredibly busy, and made even busier and more fun by the addition of Bethan and her sister Vicky to the mix. The kids took to Vicky like a duck to water, and she’s already got most of their names down like a champ – no small feat with nearly thirty children currently home. The kids are all fantastic, although Miriam and Ester currently have malaria, poor little scraps – Ester fell asleep into her dinner yesterday, she was so worn out! Miriam hasn’t been much like herself, but with lots of cuddles from Vicky, who is her new best friend, and the aid of antimalarial medication, she should be as good as new in a few days. Still, what a way to spend Christmas!

The highlight of the past week for the kids was a visit from a friend of one of the mamas, who let them all pile onto his piki piki – NOT that I was going to let them go anywhere on it, but they were just as psyched to climb all over it. He then revved the engine, thrilling all of them except Zawadi, who promptly burst into hysterical tears and took half an hour of cuddling before she forgave me my burst of laughter at the look on her face. I’m an awful mother already, clearly.

It’s funny seeing how relationships change over time. When we left last time, the babies were too small to have friendships within their little group. Since then, Filipo and Frankie have emerged as a constant pair – but not of best buddies, or not quite. Rather, no matter how often they’re plopped on opposite ends of the playroom, they always seem to manage to reunite – almost always fighting over a toy. Which toy changes constantly, the only rule seeming to be that if the other has it, the first wants it, and vice versa. In this particular photo, despite a plethora of fantastic toys, they were fighting over the mop. They’re a funny, funny pair!

Our other goal in the next week is to get the climbing frame up, or at least started. That said, they are so thrilled with their current playground, I’m not in such a rush! The toddlers are now able to use the slide, for the first time, and they absolutely adore it. No more death slide, hip hip hooray!

Lots of love from the three of us, all the mamas, and the kids – and come back Saturday or Sunday for Christmas updates.

Merry Christmas and Happy Hannukah from Pray, who really needs a new shirt since he’s destroyed this one!
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