Never far from your thoughts!

I just thought I’d write a little blog about how easy it is to always find a link between anything and everything, and life at Nkoaranga. For example, I just ate a banana, and thought of how the kids sit along the countertops, eating pieces of banana after their supper or as a snack, and how it would always end up mushed everywhere…with any pieces on the floor generally being pursued by Ester. 

Today what made me think of them was the module we’re studying in psychology – developmental psychology. It was hard not to remember how amazing it was to be able to watch the kids grow up, and see how they changed and developed. I was remembering how Filipo was such a tiny baby when I first saw him – I can’t believe how HUGE he looks now! It’s so lovely and such an honor to see how quickly they become little people, with their own characteristics and individual traits. 
…just thought I’d share that with you all. Thank you for being part of it!