Guest Post by Beth, Nathan and Cara

Beth, Nathan and Cara are three fantastic volunteers who got in touch with us through the website in December and overlapped briefly with our stint in early January – the kids adore them and it’s a pleasure to hear that they’ve returned to the orphanage! Below, their updates on the kids’ development. 
Cara cuddling with Neema in January
Children change so quickly, even in just two weeks!
Big girl Gracie!

We are three volunteers from Wales, and yes we can happily admit we have fallen madly in love with the children in the Nkoaranga orphanage. So much so that after being here for a month in January and having to leave for another project (planned stay a month), but ended up returning to the children within 10 days as we missed them so much! It is crazy to think about how much you can miss the children when you have bonded with them in such a special way.

We have been back in the orphanage now for a few days and we cant believe how much the children have changed in only a fortnight! Shujah and Peace, the two small babies of the orphanage have grown a lot in the time we were gone. Shuja has almost doubled in size and now happily sits in the high feeding table, even though he does not yet take solids he just likes to sit there and watch the other children munch away. Peace has also grown and is starting to show such a happy personality, with laughs and giggles all most throughout the time he is awake.

Another nice thing to see is the slightly older babies beginning to walk, when we left Gracie she was standing on her own with a little wobble here and there…we have returned to a very stable Gracie who loves being praised when she stands for a rather long time on her own two feet. And we are so happy to announce that we watched the first three steps on her own, with only the bribe of a teddy! Vicky is also getting very confident with her walking and we are sure she will be following in Gracie’s footsteps any day now. She also loves showing off her pearly whites, as four new teeth have grown in what seems over night.

Ebenezer (left) and David playing in t

Some more great reports and developments are that the smaller toddlers are attending the Nkoaranga orphanage school, Maureeni Kubwa, Baracka and Miriam. At first they were a bit wary about going, but with the encouragement of the other children they put on their adorable uniforms and trooped off to school. Its such a big step for the three of them, and they look so grown up in their uniform. They are now all enjoying attending the school every morning and need no encouragement from anyone!

As you can see its hard to believe how much children change in such a small space of time, we are so happy we came back to the orphanage to see them develop and grow. We cant imagine how much they will have change when we return in the future! We have been so lucky to meet such amazing children and are going to miss them so much when we have to return home, something none of us want to think about!!

So from the three of us, Beth, Nathan and Cara; Thank you for your support to these amazing children!