Pairs – Happy Birthday David and Ester!

Baracka (left) and Maureeni

It’s a funny thing, but Nkoaranga kids seem to come in age pairs. Frankie and Maureen came in on the same day, as did Vicki and Filipo. Zawadi and Neema are very close in age, although couldn’t be more different in temperament! Pray and Simoni are also just a few weeks apart, although I can’t imagine too little boys who approach the world more differently. Baracka and Maureen Kubwa have also been in sync for a long time. Nobody knows why this happens – but it sure does make for some odd couples!

Uncharacteristically serious, but so cute!

Bitty Ester 

But the best example of this phenomenon is David Ndogo and Ester – born just a day apart, and turning two! Ester was named for her birthday (yesterday) being so close to Easter – she’s turned into such a delicious little girl, so smart and cuddly, but with this teeny tiny high pitched voice that comes out of nowhere. She has a super distinctive little face, and has since she was a newborn, as you can see here!

David with his aunt and grandma

David’s devilish look!

Meanwhile, David Ndogo is hysterical, just such a character – you’ll frequently catch him on camera with these extremely intense stares, or devilish little faces. He is a sweet and funny little boy, but if you ever cross him… ooh boy! He can scream like nobody’s business. His aunt and grandmother are hoping to take him home soon, although there seem to be some logistical holdups – however, even when he does go with them, he will still always be part of the Nkoaranga family and in our hearts.

Here’s one of my favorite videos of each of them: David growling like a lion, and Ester being tickled. Captures both their characters pretty well, their respective styles of silliness!

David and Ester also emphasize one more important point, though. They were born a good few months away from anyone else – so when they were babies, they had much more attention from the mamas than, say, the current group of six babies who are all very close in age. As a consequence, they walked and talked much earlier, and these early advantages may well stay with them for the rest of their lives. This is why it’s so crucial to hire new staff, so that every child gets the level of attention that allows them to mature healthily. We’re hoping to hire a new staff member in June (more on that soon!) and Mama Linda has been an incredible asset since her hiring in December. If you are able, please consider donating towards the cause. Thanks so much for being part of making sure all these kids get the nurturing they deserve!

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