Teleport, please?

I have to start by apologizing for the long delay between posts – I’ve been in the US visiting my wonderful family, which has been great – but has required two overnight flights in the last weeks, neither of which I slept on, so my body has no idea when or where I am! I’m only now JUST about coherent enough to post. Which brings me to my next point – it’s 2012. That sounds like the future, right? Where is my teleport? I could hop in, spend the weekends and all my spare time with the kids in Tanzania, then beam myself back in time for classes. I will continue to wait impatiently until my teleport arrives.

Maybe I lied a bit when I said I was coherent enough to post. Let’s stick to the facts – a few brief announcements that will be expanded upon soon.

Ebeni Ndogo
    once we’ve raised the rest of the money for Light Up the Night! 
  • Speaking of which, we’re all eagerly anticipating Kristina’s gala fundraiser for Light Up the Night in Victoria, BC on April 29th – it really looks like it’s going to be a blast! Anyone who hasn’t RSVPed yet, do it now – it’s going to be a fantastic evening. 
  • We’re also happy to introduce some new partners – Speranza Tanzania (meaning Hope Tanzania) is a new organization working with Nkoaranga hospital in much the same way we work with the orphanage, run by two fantastic med students out of Italy, Martina and Lorenzo. They’re currently paying for a fantastic young medical officer from the hospital to go to medical school and become a full fledged doctor, and we’re hoping to work together to get more of the hospital lit up in the future!  We’ll even be overlapping for a few months this summer. Don’t worry – the page is in Italian but Google will translate it for you. You’ll be hearing more about our work together in the coming months! 
I’ll leave you with my favorite video of all recent history – my beautiful Zawadi in a tutu brought in by some kind volunteers. Thanks Amy for the video! Note the awesome shoes – this is a child who has been so funny with shoes since she was a tiny girl. She used to wear them on all her hands and feet, and if she had to choose, would keep them on her hands! Some things never change, and I love that this is one of them.

Lots of love and happy Easter and Passover from all of us at The Small Things and the Nkoaranga kids!