Nkoaranga Angels: Finding Magnolia

Nkoaranga Angels: Finding Magnolia
First daughter, Magnolia Zinashi,
chowing down with Ababi (dad)

This wonderful family is currently in the process of adopting a second daughter (this one with some special needs) from Ethiopia. Instead of taking out a standard loan or asking for unrestricted donations, they came up with a very cool and innovative concept – the “Give it Forward” loan. They ask people to donate towards their adoption costs – however, each month, they pay back an installment of those costs (usually $200), plus 10% interest, plus a 10% matching donation from an anonymous donor. These payments go to charities voted on by Finding Magnolia’s readers – and this month, they chose us! Thank you so much to everyone who voted for us – we love this entire concept and the idea that each donation to this wonderfully family is effectively doubled, as it helps them with their adoption now, and then has a second impact as a donation to a charity as they pay it back. What a cool idea!

We have decided to put their $240 donation towards Project Education – we are now more than half of the way to the total amount we will need to raise to get all four wonderful kids enrolled next year! In case you need a reminder, these are the fantastic kids we are working to get into The Foundation For Tomorrow’s amazing program, which puts them in high quality Tanzanian boarding schools, with fantastic extracurriculars, emotional and academic support, and care and transport over school breaks. This donation will help with the two years of up-front tuition required to enroll each child – however, we are still looking for long term sponsors for most of these beautiful kids. A quarter sponsorship is just $19 per month! Take a look at our beautiful kiddos, and then check out the Project Education page for more details on them and the program.
Andrea, our sweet silly boy – one quarter sponsored

Abdulli, our sensitive little man – not yet sponsored

Pendo, our loving girl – fully sponsored

And David, our little firecracker – one quarter sponsored
Mosey on over to the Project Education page to find out more about the program and how to get involved and help give these wonderful kids the future that they deserve. Thank you again to Finding Magnolia and everyone else who has helped us come so far!