All kids are thriving!

All in all, the kids and the mamas seem to be doing really well. I am so happy to be here again and I can’t wait give you more updates on our work and how the kids are doing. In the coming weeks we will be joined by many other volunteers and we will start working on several projects. The installment of solar energy at the orphanage and parts of the hospital will begin and we are right now looking into expanding the chicken coop at the orphanage as well as expanding the kitchen garden.

Furthermore, our micro grant pilot project will run this summer and it will be very interesting to follow this project.  The mamas have shown their gratefulness for all of the work we have done at the orphanage and since it is very important to us, that we are working with the orphanage staff on what the orphanage really needs and how we can support them it is great to get such feed back. As an example of this, one of our current projects is providing all of the mamas with English lessons and they are enjoying this so much that they have requested to continue attending class for another few months!

My internet time is up – more updates should be coming soon from our current ground members!