Then and now

It’s amazing how fast time flies at the orphanage… sometimes, history repeats itself, and some things never change!
Frankie 2010
Frankie 2012

 Frankie’s cheeks are still for the ages!

Me holding Pray and Simoni 2010
Me holding Pray and Simoni 2012

I still adore this funny little pair, who couldn’t be more different from each other if they tried, despite being just a few months apart in age…

Baracka (left) with bubbles 2010
Baracka with bubbles 2012

Baracka still loves bubbles, but has moved up the totem pole, and now gets to blow them rather than just pop them!

Simoni grinning 2010
Simoni grinning 2012

 Simoni still has the world’s best happy face…

Eman 2010
Eman 2012

Eman is still way cooler than I will ever be, and he still likes chilling on the trampoline…

Stevie (far right) as a baby with volunteers (thanks Amy for the photo!)
Stevie (far left) 2012 with volunteers
Stevie’s mouth still exerts its own gravitational pull… 

Tumaini with Zawadi 2009
Tumaini with Peace 2012
And you still can’t keep Tumaini away from the babies. Ok, so a few concrete updates on the kids – Peace is out of the hospital and back home with us, missing only a little of his belly chub. Big Ebenezer has taken his daredevil antics to the next level and smashed out his front teeth – poor boy! Little Ebenezer is doing much better and should be discharged from the hospital tomorrow (yay!), so our whole little family should be at the orphanage together as of tomorrow! Thank you so much to everyone who donated for his care – he was in about ten days altogether, so his bill will be high. We continue to gratefully accept contributions towards his hospital bills. 
And as a final bonus, a lookalike feature: 

Which of these pictures shows our gorgeous boy Shujaa, and which shows a Japanese Kabuki crab ? Both are surprisingly fuzzy on top. 
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