Consider the Night Lit!

Consider the night officially lit!

We are thrilled to announce that all the solar lighting is fully installed in the orphanage and maternity ward. There’s not a lot to show in pictures, since the panels are on the roof and the wiring is in the walls, but the solar lighting has already been used for several deliveries and been extremely helpful with our newest tiny guy, who eats every hour.


Speaking of which… welcome to our gorgeous new little man, Isaac. He’s just two weeks old but doing beautifully – healthy at 3 kilos and with a gorgeous head of hair. He loves to be held and is currently eating once an hour, which is great for him if slightly less fun for the mamas!

Do I HAVE TO walk? 

Litte Ebenezer and little Neema are doing great, both healthy and happy – Neema in particular has developed a belly that would make Buddha jealous. Big Ebenezer is much improved after the attempt at flying that knocked out his front teeth – he’s fully healed and extremely smiley again. In fact, that whole age group is doing great. Frankie is finally WALKING, after taking a million years to decide it was worth the effort. Maureen just turned two, and is talking in full sentences and can count to ten in Swahili and English (CRAZY). Filipo has been going through a major developmental growth spurt, and is now talking his little head off and has gotten infinitely more cheerful and interactive.

Vicky’s serious face

Grace is moving up to the big kids’ room to make room for Shujaa to move into the toddler room – he has started standing up in his crib, so it’s time for something with higher walls! Peace said his first word yesterday – “Acha,” or “Stop it,” quite common choice for the orphanage kids (if you had 23 brothers and sisters it would be your first word too)! Vicky continues to be gorgeous and sweet and make hysterical faces.

Big Maureen kissing her BFF, Miriam

Moving on up… Ester continues to test everyone’s patience by refusing to use the potty and using her pants instead, but she’s so cute it’s difficult to stay annoyed for long. Neema, big Maureen, Baracka, and Miriam are all healthy, happy, and enjoying school.

Simoni with his great grandparents

This week Mama Pendo and I took two trips to visit Zawadi and Simoni’s families… and after great visits, they have agreed to let me move forward with their adoptions! I could not be more thrilled or honored.

Loveness and Pray are happy and healthy, no significant news about either of them. Andrea, David, and Pendo have all learned to write their names and are practicing that new school on every surface! They are ready to start school in January and are absolutely raring to go. Abdulli has been trying very hard but still isn’t quite there – we’re still trying to find a specialist to come out and test him so we can make concrete school plans, at which point we will need to find him a sponsor! The big kids are now back at school, although we had a fantastic day painting with them (along with volunteers from Speranza Tanzania, check out more pictures on their post, although Google Translate will be your friend!).

Painting with the school kids

We also have a bunch of great new volunteers, welcome to Emma, Tess, Christina, Sophie, and Ashlee. The kids are really benefiting from all the extra attention. Even the chickens are thriving – we have eight new chicks and more hatching every day.

Basically, life at Nkoaranaga is hectic but wonderful, as usual, and I am loving it, and dreading having to leave in a few weeks! In the meantime, I’m going to get back there and hug some babies. Thank you again to everyone who donated to Light Up the Night, including everyone who participated in Kristina’s event and the MPA’s fundraising – we couldn’t be happier!