Happy Birthday Frankie, Maureen, and Gracie!

Three fantastic kids have turned two recently, with three more to go in the next few months – brings back memories of the crazy time when we had seven kids under six months at once, NOT something I’m hoping to repeat any time soon! Gracie turned two June 21st, shortly after I got here, Frankie turned two on Friday and Maureen a week before him. These three actually arrived on the same day, on one of my very first days at the orphanage.  They’ve changed a lot since then! 

Gorgeous Gracie
Gracie day one
And big girl Gracie today!
Brilliant Maureen

And our big girl Maureen (who can
count to ten in Swahili and English) today!

Sweet Frankie
Frankie day one

And reluctantly walking Frankie today!
We are so proud of them and can’t wait to see what comes next! 
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