Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! Halloween isn’t really a big deal in Tanzania, but, like any other kids in the world, our kiddos love to dress up and play pretend. Let’s check out the Nkoaranga kids’ flair for the dramatic…

And Ester is a blockhead. 
Shujaa is the tiniest Santa
Baracka is a cool dude
Zawadi is a present (appropriate since her name means gift!)

Andrea is a daddy!

Filipo is a… table?

Ebenezer is a chair

Little Maureen is an unhappy little old lady!
Simoni is a bookworm

Zi is a bathing beauty

Simoni is Michael Phelps

Maureen is a ferocious tiger!

David is a field hockey superstar

Zawadi is a piki piki driver

Isaac is a burrito!
And Vicky is the world’s grumpiest little old man

And here’s a bonus video of Ebenezer trying on Olivia’s glasses. 

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