Obama mania!

Regardless of your personal political feelings, it was FUN to be in East Africa a few years ago, just after Obama’s election. His face and name were, and are, everywhere! You can use your Obama pen to write down in your Obama pad that you have an appointment at the Obama salon, then put the pen back in your Obama kanga! Here’s a look at some of the most fun Obama pieces I’ve come across in Tanzania. Little David has the haircut and ears…

And, of course, our little boy Baracka was born just a few months from the 2008 election! We almost got another, “matching” baby Baracka in September… but he ended up heading to a friend’s baby home where he could get better medical attention. He is a gorgeous boy, too! It’s a good name for handsome men, I think.

Can’t wait to see what Obama mania we get in the coming year! It’s always such fun. Any requests for what to bring back in January?

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