Seeking Santa!

Loveness with Kelvin, aka Baba Kristmasi at Nkoaranga! 

It’s getting down to the wire before Megan, Emma, and I head out to Nkoaranga for Christmas. It’s always such a great time of year with the kids! The weather is usually beautiful and hot, and the kids are always thrilled to get new clothes to run around in and new toys to play with. With your help last year, we were able to give them a bunch of great new toys and new clothes. They anticipate for weeks the arrival of “Baba Krismasi”, or Father Christmas, ably portrayed by Kelvin from the great local volunteer placement organization, KATZ Volunteers. They visit a number of orphanages that day, as well as a program for street children – we’re very grateful for their work.

As for us, we’ll be with the kids, breaking up fights over particularly desirable toys and books, stopping them from hitting each other with new sports equipment, and watching them proudly strut around in their new clothes – and probably pee in them. What could be better? But to make that happen, we need some help. Do you have old toys that your children don’t use anymore? Clothes and shoes in great shape that could hold up to another few years’ constant use? Books that you’d like to see other kids get the chance to enjoy? Cloth nappies in great shape? Please let us know, and pass them our way! Do you know toy or clothing store owners who might be willing to donate? Put us in touch! Let’s give the kids the happy, carefree holiday they deserve. 
Please email us if you can help, or donate through the sidebar or How to Help page! 
Volunteers sorting new outfits for each child, and the kids
pick through the toys donated by you all last year!
Visiting with Amy and the babies!
Andrea (left) and Pray pick out toys in their Santa hats. 
Stevie is so excited for cake!

Baby Peace with Andrew, an orphanage “graduate” who comes to
stay with Mama Pendo on his school breaks. He’s a great kid!
Simoni says, “Our favorites for books and DVDs are Bob
the Builder, Dora the Explorer, Thomas, and Sesame Street.”
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