Sunday sharing…

I thought I would share some of my great memories and pictures
from this summer at Nkoaranga with you all. 

Playground fun with Z in her lovely
dress made by Kristina and her mother!
Hanging out with Baracka on the swings
in the afternoons! Such a happy boy.
Visiting Stevie and the other school kids at
Usa River Academy and hearing about how how well they are all doing!
All have top spots in their classes and are thriving 🙂
… another shot from Visitor’s Day at Usa River Academy.
Such bright children!
Spending time with the mamas was great! It is always so great
to see them spend time with the kids.
Showing my mother the everyday life of Nkoaranga and seeing her with the kids
was fantastic. The kids loved having another Mama around!
… and she had her hands full most of the time! 
Here’s to Mr. Frankie! What a hard working, lovely young man who is
absolutely fantastic around the kids. It was great to see him again
and the kids are so blessed to have him around. 
Meeting Baba Nicki who has become a great part of the Nkoaranga family
was a pleasure. He works so hard and takes care of the chickens and kitchen garden at the orphanage.
It was great to work with him when we had a new chicken house built! 
… and heres the chicken coop being build! It was great to be able to
see the entire building process and being able to support the orphanage in this way.
A big thank you goes out to all of my friends and family members who helped make this happen!
More playground fun! What a beautiful smile Loveness!
Falling in love with this little guy was a big part of the summer as well.
Such a happy, healthy little hero!
… and again! How can you not love this little hero?
We took all the kids out and played with buckets of water one afternoon
and they had a blast!
Seeing how big and beautiful Miss Vicky has grown was such a pleasure.
Buying 6 months worth of chicken food was an adventure!
Thanks to all the people who donated money towards this! 
Playing with the parachute was also great fun! Again, being able to bring this
and give the kids such experiences was fantastic and only possible because of all
the kind donations my mother and I received before we left for Tanzania.
Another afternoon of joy. Here’s Neema trying to carry a box (of gin!?)
on her head like all her Mamas do it!
What an adventurous day with lots of fun and learning!
This trip was also funded by all the kind donations we received by
friends and family before we left! 
… and the kids got to wear all the great clothes donated to them
by Freds World – a Danish clothing company.
Spending time with this clever boy was so enjoyable. He is such
a caring little child who will do great at school!
Playing time in the play room on a cold afternoon.
Doesn’t get much better.
Watching Pendo helping out the Mamas with the daily household jobs
and nursing all the other kids was just great to watch.
I’m so happy we have found sponsors for her schooling!
This is one happy Frankie boy! So happy he is finally walking now!
… after a lot of hard work practicing on the playground!
Spending time with other volunteers over the summer was fantastic.
Here is Stine cuddling with Loveness, Peace and Gracie. 
Watching Bekka with Z was also a great joy!  And what a cute picture!

Cuddling with Neema under a blanket. What a wonderful lille girl she is.
Great day at the orphanage with a big party being held by a local school.
It was a day full of joy, music, food and lots of excited kids.
Have a great Sunday everyone! 
– Marie