Beaconhurst School supports Project Education

I thought that Christmas Eve would be a lovely time to tell you all
about the fantastic success of our Christmas fundraiser carol concert which was run
by Beaconhurst School and raised money for Project Education.
Pendo two years ago, and Pendo this Christmas – starting school in January! 
I attended Beaconhurst School from the age of 4 until 18 so I have many
fond memories of it.  The school has a
fantastic music and drama department and I enjoyed taking part in many musicals
and concerts during my time there.  My
mum is a teacher at the school, and it was on her suggestion that I approached Mr
Bain – the head of music at Beaconhurst School – in late May about the
possibility of the school holding a concert to raise money for The Small
Things.  Although I knew that the term
calendar would already be very full with other exciting things, I trusted her
advice and asked Mr Bain what he thought. 
To my delight he was extremely enthusiastic and supportive of the idea
and suggested that he organise a Christmas Carol Service in which many pupils
from the school would take part! 

David this Christmas, starting school in January!
David when we started work with Nkoaranga

The concert was held in Dunblane Cathedral on 13th of
December and included a range of different music performed by pupils and teachers of all ages.  We organised a slideshow of pictures of the kids
and mamas from Nkoaranga Orphanage to play before the concert began, to give
the audience an idea of who the concert was raising money for.  Both the junior and senior choirs performed,
and the audience also enjoyed listening to duets, ensembles and solos.  After a short speech which told them a bit
more about the The Small Things and the work we do, the audience tucked into
some mince pies and mulled wine during the interval.  One of the highlights of the evening was the
more light hearted sing-off between the two sides of the audience: one side sang
‘It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas’ with great gusto, whilst the
other side were determined to out-sing them with the less well known ‘Pine
Cones and Holly Berries’!
I wish to
say a huge thank you to everyone who made the concert such a success.  I want to thank my family so much for all
their support of the concert.  I also want to extend a special thank you to
all the staff at Beaconhurst School who were involved in organising the
concert – I know from experience how much effort goes into such an event, and
without their hard work it just wouldn’t have happened.  And of course, a massive thank you needs to
go to all the pupils who performed so fantastically on the night!  Finally, thank you to everyone who came
to support Beaconhurst School and The Small Things – I cannot thank you enough.

Tumaini  with Baba Christmas 2 years ago
Christmas Tumaini this year, about to
 start her third year with TFFT!

The final
amount which was raised was over £1000 which was incredible!  The exact figure is still to be confirmed, but I will let you know as
soon as I can.  All proceeds will go to
Project Education, which will allow four of our beautiful children to begin
school this January (less than a month to go!). 
I am so lucky that I will be returning to Nkoaranga Orphanage in time to
see Pendo, David, Abdulli and Andrea start school with The Foundation for Tomorrow.  It is because of everyone who
has supported Project Education that this can happen, so I just want to finish
by thanking you all for giving these children the change to become the incredible young people that they are meant to be.

From all The
Small Things’ board members, and on behalf of the Mamas and kids (who had an amazing time with Baba Christmas today, and are looking forward to their Christmas meal tomorrow!) of Nkoaranga Orphanage, I wish you all a very happy Christmas!