Heading back soon…

In 12 days’ time I’ll be heading to Heathrow airport to get
on a flight back to Tanzania. It’s a strange feeling to be going back to a
place that I feel like I know so well but actually has probably changed quite a
lot in the year and a half that I’ve been away. Some days I wonder if it’s the
best idea and other days I can’t wait to be back, especially when I remember
who I’m going all that way to see. The big question is whether any of them will
remember me!

When I left, Zawadi had only just started walking. Dainessi,
Stevie and Eriki hadn’t gone to school and Peace, Shujah, Isaac and little
Ebenezer hadn’t even arrived. The kids I think of as the babies were still the
babies and those I think of as the toddlers hadn’t graduated to ‘big kid’
status yet, but that will all have definitely changed. I’ve just seen the
pictures Bekka’s taken since she arrived and they all so happy, but so much
bigger than I remember them, especially Filipo – that’s just incredible! Thanks
to the Small Things, the orphanage will have changed as well. Last time I was
there the Small Things had only just been set up, I was writing my first ever
blog and wondering where all this was going to take us. Now I’ll be going back
to be greeted by better paid mamas, in an orphanage with safe electricity,
clean water, a proper chicken coop and a playground that doesn’t flood your
mind with potential accidents. I’m so impressed and proud of what’s been
achieved in a year and a half and I can’t wait to see it all in person.
The ‘babies’ as I remember them

 Today I went shopping and stocked up on balloons and nail
varnish. I’m waiting for the boxes of donations from other volunteers to come
through the post and attempting to resurrect my Kiswahili. It has really hit
home that I’m actually going back, and how much fun it’s all probably going to
be. Having seen Bekka first photos I can’t wait to be there, although I’m still
just a tiny bit scared. I was scared last time though and that was 200% worth
it, I’m sure this will be totally worth it too.

All that’s left for me to say is that I hope Bekka is having
a wonderful time and I’m looking forward to joining her there. Christmas is a
really exciting time to be going. If anyone wants to use it as a good
opportunity to help the orphanage out, we send out a card for gifts made in the
name of others to the Small Things over the holiday. It looks lovely and even
if it’s only for a tiny amount would make an excellent stocking filler.

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