Nkoaranga Angels: Fred’s World and green gorilla

I got the best surprise I’ve had in a long time today, when on opening the door I found two HUGE boxes filled with incredibly beautiful, soft, organic kid’s clothes from Fred’s World in Denmark. Fred’s World is an amazing friend of The Small Things – their founders have now sent two loads of beautiful, high quality clothes to our kids. Add to that the similarly gorgeous baby clothes donated by Phil at green gorilla, another organic Danish clothing brand, and we are getting spoiled! I’m so happy to know that each of the kids will get their own, brand new Christmas outfit this year!

Fred’s World
green gorilla
If you have kids, or have siblings or heck, good friends with kids, go take a look at the green gorilla and Fred’s World websites this holiday season. And thanks to the fabulous Marie for setting up this great partnership. We are very grateful! 
We know the Fred’s World clothes hold up well, because they arrived this summer just in time for our safari! The kids were so excited to try on their new outfits, and they made a beautiful, stylish little troop as we visited the snake park and the game lodge! Check out some fantastic pictures below taken by our volunteer, Claire, from the trip. 

Ester in head to toe Fred’s World! 

Zawadi (left) and Miriam (right) in their Fred’s World gear

David in head-to-toe Fred’s World, posing
in front of a zebra on our mini safari!

Ester in her cardigan and Fred’s World shirt/dress

Baracka in head-to-toe Fred’s World

Neema showing off her belly AND the Fred’s World shirt
Frankie in a Fred’s World bib

Andrea in his Fred’s World shirt

Gorgeous kids, gorgeous clothes!