Baby Neema is almost standing!

This is just a very short post because we are excited about the fact that little Neema (who you may know from the ‘We  fat healthy babies!’ facebook post (see here) is now standing…with a bit of help!

Up until now she has now shown very little interest in doing much else than sitting…and occasionally falling asleep whilst eating!  Although this is pretty adorable, we were keen to get her making some progress towards ‘pulling to stand’ which is the milestone she should be hitting soon according to developmental charts.

Neema after falling asleep whilst eating
It took a few times of Neema dangling in mid-air in a determined sitting position, but after a bit of perseverance she is now standing if someone holds her hands.  It’s a small step, but judging by the way she sticks her tongue out in excitement and bends her knees to bob up and down like she is dancing (encouraged by the Mamas!), hopefully she should soon be pulling herself to stand all by herself!
She’s always been persistent about staying in that sitting position – check out this video from when she was tiny!