I have now been back in Nkoaranga for almost two weeks now and have so much to write about – it has been fantastic.  But for now, I want to tell you all the ‘safari’ (trip) which we took the kids on!  We had decided that it would be really fun for the kids to visit an outdoor play area which Bekka found near Arusha.  Aside from being a little nervous about the possibility of huge downpours, everyone was really looking forwards to it!

The trip started off with all the younger children piling into the dala dala (local bus) which we had hired to take us there.  We were really sad that we were unable to take the children who had already been in school with us, due to them being picked up by TFFT for school that afternoon (we’ll be writing about this year’s kids starting school soon!), although to be honest it was probably a good thing space wise.  I think the kids were just as excited about the trip the playground as actually playing there: they sang songs, calling out the names of everything they saw out the window, waved at people walking along the roadside, and yelled in excitement at every speed bump!

The playground was great, really big with LOTS of swings, trampolines and see-saws spread out over a big grassy area.  It was perfect for all the kids to run wild and try everything!

Peddling backwards seemed to be much easier than going forwards!
Simoni pulling a goofy face
Zawadi loving the trampoline
Neema and Holly on the swing

When the rain arrived (it had been threatening to for some time), it was time for a little break and we all sat under two thatched umbrellas and the kids tucked into some peanut butter sandwiches, juice and biscuits, thanks to Christina, Therese and Emma for providing these!  Needless to say, everything was enjoyed immensely.

Baracka (left) and Pendo (right) tucking into their sandwiches and juice
Neema getting excited over the food
After that it was time for some more playing before the final excitement arrived – a big blow up slide!  Although there was some initial craziness as EVERYONE pushed to get up both the steps and slide and slide down five kids at a time, once Megan was installed at the top of the slide to keep some kind of order (thanks Megan!) there was a constant stream of kids climbing up and delightedly sliding down before heading straight back up again!  As the kids became more confident we saw lots of inventive ways of getting down the slide – I think they enjoyed flinging themselves down and finding that they just bounced!
Queuing to get to the top… 
…and David and Baracka grinning from ear to ear
as they slide down!
Finally it was time to head home.  We all climbed back into the dala dala and all the kids got lollipops…and needless to say, everyone was very excited and got very sticky!  Aside from lots of calls of ‘MAJI MAJI’ (‘water’) every time we passed a river (or puddle at the side of the road), everyone was quieter – tired but happy!  We got back to the orphanage just in time for dinner – what an amazing day!
Thank you for your continued support which lets us make days like this happen!
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