Drumroll, please… Announcing MUSIC CLASSES!

Neema banging on the drum!
Music is a hugely important part of Tanzanian culture.  One of the most stirring and beautiful experiences I had whilst in Tanzania was listening to the Mamas sing a prayer before we ate lunch together one day.  The harmonies were absolutely incredible, and so effortless, because music and singing is just something that children are brought up with!

Music teacher, Amani with little Maureen
The kids were very excited about Amani’s mini keyboard!
Because of this (and also because it would be really fun!), we thought that it might be really cool for the kids to have weekly music classes, and we were delighted when we found out that Amani – a young local man – was willing and able to bring his (handmade!) drums and little keyboard along to the orphanage to do just this!

Amani with Miriam
The kids have been really thrilled with his classes, which involve lots of singing, dancing and hard banging of drums!  Amani is really amazing with them, and we are so grateful for his time and expertise.  I sat with him after the lesson one day whilst he let Loveness press the ‘demo’ button on his keyboard so that ‘Jingle Bells’ played repeatedly!

Amani helping Miriam to play the keyboard
And of course, there is the dancing!  All the kids loved it, but Neema led the way in dancing to ‘The Wiggle’…

…helped by a very delighted Miriam!

We are indebted to music teacher Amani for his enthusiasm, kindness and time, and to all of you for your support – these classes are exciting and happy and LOUD and they couldn’t happen without you!