Time flies!

I can’t believe that tomorrow Abdulli will have been at school for a month, and David, Andrea and Pendo will have been at school for a month and a week!  We’ve been getting regular updates on how they have been getting along, and can’t wait to tell you all about it very soon.  For the moment though, rest assured that these little guys have settled in well and are doing just fine!

Andrea fine-tuning his drawing skills before
heading off to school
Meanwhile, back at Nkoaranga orphanage, Vicky is itching to join her big ‘brothers’ and ‘sisters’ and get started on her schooling!! You’ve got a little while to wait yet, Vicky!
Vicky hard at work with her picture book
Just thought this little blog would be a nice place to let you all know how thankful we are for your continued support with Project Education, and your belief that these kids deserve the chance to shine!