Good Luck Gracie!

Beautiful Gracie

This week’s news from The Small Things includes an exciting update about Gracie. Sweet Gracie, aged 2 years and 8 months, has left the orphanage and her Grandmother has brought her to the SOS Children’s villages. Gracie has an older sister already at SOS so they will now be together. Born very underweight on June 21st, 2010, Gracie Spent her first three months in the hospital and was very sick. Her mother was HIV positive and died shortly after birth and at around three months old, Gracie arrived at the orphanage. Since then, she has grown into such a beautiful little girl who has a great future ahead of her. This is a fantastic opportunity for Gracie and we are very happy for her. We will miss her so much, as will the other children! She is such a bubbly and happy girl who will no doubt make an impression and fit in well at her new home. Luckily she won’t be far away so it will be easy to visit!

Gracie, I don’t think that is where the nappy is supposed to go!

Gracie will not be on her own. Our wonderful Farajah is also there and thriving. Farajah will be turning 8 years old on Friday and has always been a very bright and mature young lady so we have no doubt that she will keep a watchful eye on Gracie as she settles in.

To find out more information about the work of SOS, click here.

More good news! The kids who had malaria in the last two weeks are now recovered and doing really well. Mama Pendo has informed us that Little Ebeni is crawling everywhere and very quickly! Little Neema is still “swimming” on the floor but doing well and is very mobile.

Poor Angel is fighting an ear infection that’s leaving her miserable but she’s otherwise healthy and really gaining weight.

Keep a look out for upcoming blog posts featuring guest blogs from our half marathon runners who are hard at training in preparation for April 7th, as well as details on our new fresh food program at the orphanage and an insight into our new addition to the media team – Chelle McCann!

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Bekka with Grace on day 1

A very happy baby

Even happier when she got her independence and learnt to walk!

Gracie and Eman, amazing children. We will miss you Gracie!

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