A bittersweet welcome and marathon success!

This week two children – Brighton and Priscilla – have been brought to the orphanage.  It has been a four months since a new child has arrived at the orphanage, and it is always a bittersweet time.  It is heartbreaking that these children have been separated from their families and left alone in the world and, despite the happiness of the kids at Nkoaranga, it is important to never play down what they have lost.  At the same time, I am so grateful that Nkoaranga Orphanage – and other orphanages – provide a place of safety where the child can grow up feeling as secure, valued and loved as possible. Thank you for your help in supporting this!

Left to right: Brighton (2), Philipo (2), Zawadi (3) and a grinning Maureen (3)

Meet Brighton!

This little guy is 2 years old and very cute!  His father passed away and he was brought to the orphanage after his mother became very mentally and physically ill due to HIV/Aids, putting Brighton at risk.  Brighton has been thoroughly tested and is healthy and, despite his difficult background, we are very happy to tell you that he is in good shape.  He is naturally a bit clingy, as any child would be in a completely new situation, but he is very sweet and seems to be settling in well!

We are delighted to tell you that the Taunton Half Marathon, which Team Small Things took part in on Sunday, was a great success!!  We are so proud of Bethan, Charlotte, Emily and Jake who ran in support of The Small Things, and want to send them a huge thank you!  We thought that they were the best people to tell you about their experience, and so here are their thoughts!

“Monday was an extraordinary pain suffered after 13 miles of running on the Sunday!  But a good roast dinner helped ease the recovery process and I’m now back to walking like an average 21 year old!  I’m so happy that I completed the half marathon and it’s given me the boost to perhaps take part next year too!  I’m really proud of the amazing work that Charlotte, Jake and Emily also contributed in order to raise money for the orphanage and it is truly heartwarming to realize exactly how far the support for The Small Thing stretches.  Thank you on behalf of all Team Small Things for the support and donations that you have put towards this great cause!” – Bethan Crisp

“The marathon was much harder than I was expecting.  It was great to see so many people running for lots of different charities but, for me personally, the thought of the money raised for the orphanage was driving me on to finish as quickly as I could!! I just hope it made a small difference to someone’s life” – Jake Fuller

“I was so pleased with our half marathon on Sunday! I was so nervous in the days before as I have not had much experience or training and I was worried I might not be able to do it. I loved the whole experience and challenge of the run. I did struggle at times but we did it!!! So happy and lucky to be able to have raised some money from the kind people who sponsored us for this wonderful cause.” – Charlotte Foster

Thank you so much again to you all for your ongoing support, it is fantastic and we really appreciate it.  Please check back in next week to meet little Priscilla, and for more news on how the kids are doing and for the final total that Team Small Things raised!  In the meantime, I hope you have a lovely weekend!

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