Get to know a little bit more about 5 special people

April has been a birthday filled month for The Small Things’ children. So here is a recap of our five birthday beauties who are another year older and another year wiser! 

Miriam came
to Nkoaranga from the Cradle of Love care home when she was 2 years old. Sadly, her mother
was mentally ill and killed several other babies that she had. Miriam was very
shy at first when she arrived at Nkoaranga but it wasn’t long before she settled in and the other children made her feel like another sister. She is now very comfortable and is extremely sweet and loving. Miriam loves dancing and always has a smile on her face!

Miriam turned 4 years old on April 1st
Our Easter baby, Ester, is sometimes very cuddly and shy, at other times she is a little mischief! Her mother was very young and died during childbirth,  which is unfortunately such a common occurrence in Tanzania. Ester usually creeps up on you when you least expect it and particularly loves to run away whilst you are trying to dress her. Luckily she giggles so loudly and gleefully whilst hiding that it isn’t too hard to find her!
Ester turned 3 years old on April 4th

Pray is very
athletic and independent but doesn’t always like to listen! Pray wa
s unfortunately one of the babies who suffered burns in the fire at the orphanage when he was about 10 months old. He was in the hospital for about one month
recovering and is now just a brilliant burst of energy! Pray
 is especially fond of
playing with the sinks and TV, and climbing things. He won’t make the first
move for affection but it is great for him to have volunteers make the effort – it is very worth it!

Pray turned 5 years old on April 20th
Maureen Kubwa (‘Big Maureen’, as we also have a little toddler called Maureen!) is quite an independent little girl but she loves cuddles when she can get them. Similarly to Ester’s mother, Miriam’s mother died during delivery. Maureen is a very expressive little girl, who loves to blow everyone kisses! It’s lovely to see her friendships with the kids who are similar in age to her – Neema, Miriam and several others.
Maureen turned 4 years old on April 22nd

Ericki is now in his second year at boarding school and is thriving! Ericki had a troubled past as his father decided that he couldn’t afford to keep all of his children, so he sent Ericki to us at a young age. Ericki has grown up a very mature little boy and is a very happy student! When he was back for the holidays at Christmas, his English was amazing. We’re sure he has a bright future to come! 

Ericki turned 7 years old on April 24th

This is just five of our brilliant bunch! 
They are all so unique characters with certain qualities that define them. There are no other children like these! We know that if they could, they would each say a big thank you, send a massive kiss, give a loving hug to each and every one of of you who has supported the work we do at The Small Things. This directly helps these children, and the wonderful Mamas that are there every day, putting food in their mouths, playing with them, putting them to bed each night, and changing an assortment of dirty nappies!