Thank you Newport!!!

This week we have another wonderful fundraising event to report on. Last summer Claire Wyatt joined Bekka in Tanzania and spent some time at the orphanage where she was a great hit with the kids (of course!).

Claire and Loveness

When she got back to England, Claire helped to organise Charities’ Week  at Newport Free Grammar School in Essex, where The Small Things was lucky enough to be chosen as one of the charities for 2012. 
Claire and her school managed to raise an impressive and much appreciated £872. A huge thank you from the Small Things to everyone involved!
Here, Claire tells us a bit more about it all:
“The first week of
December marked the start of Charities’ Week, an annual Newport tradition led
directly by sixth formers.  This year’s festivities proved to be an
undoubted success, with the whole school joining together to raise money for an
extremely worthy cause: ‘The Small Things,’ which I was lucky enough to get the
opportunity to visit in July 2012.

For five consecutive
days all sixth formers took part in a number of different events including
wearing their best fancy dress costumes – to the amusement of the whole school.
From superheroes and villains to 150 Where’s Wally lookalikes, the spirit of
fundraising was really captured by everyone involved.

Other notable events
included the notorious Miss Newport, with some of the finest males the sixth
form has to offer fighting it out to win the coveted tiara and title. Manliest
Man also proved to be a real success, with 12 brave contestants pitting
their wits against each other to complete a series of grueling challenges. The
week was rounded off with a teacher talent competition, which
included entries from Mr Hesketh, Miss Thompson and Mr Norman but with the
most memorable entry being provided by the creative arts departments.
Furthermore, the annual students vs. basketball had a good crowd come to see the
staff show their stuff!  Newport’s Got
Talent showcased the talent that Newport has to offer with bands and solo
performers battling it out. The excellent attendance at each event from pupils
from every year group demonstrated the real togetherness and
community spirit within the school, and the unrivalled comedic value of the
lunchtime entertainment.

As a volunteer at the
orphanage I know how far this money will go to help and I’m glad as a school we
have personalised this money for The Small Things; a lot of hard work went into
organising these events from the Head girl and boy and senior prefects. I look
forward to returning to the orphanage in future years and seeing where this
money has been used. It is incredible to see what previous fundraising at
Newport has done: having raised money to help fund Pendo’s education as a
school it has been rewarding to hear how well she is doing at school.”
And here are some great Charities’ Week photos: 

This all looks a lot of fun, and the best part is that the children in Nkoaranga get to benefit from some Sixth Formers getting dressed up 6704 miles away! They are very appreciative:
Pendo (6) says thank you!

And the Newport Sixth Formers aren’t the only ones having fun…

You may remember seeing
pictures of the kids demonstrating their art skills – painting pictures and
making paper snakes? This was all down to the hard work of a volunteer called
Ashley Ferro – an art therapist who was working with the outreach project ‘Walk
In Love’. This project is run by a fantastic woman called Aubree Packard who
handles many other projects in the area. Unfortunately, Ashley has now returned
home and so is unable to continue the joy and messiness that was the art

Amani – the local man who is giving the kids music lessons (see our Facebook
page for anecdotes from their class this week!) helped Ashley run these classes,
and has asked if he can continue to run them himself! He said that he’s studied
art for years and would love to continue that with the kids, since he really
enjoyed doing it with Ashley during her volunteer period. In the future, he
wants to be a music, art, and drama teacher. We are really excited that the
classes will hopefully be able to resume, and look forwards to telling you more
about them (look forward to Bekka’s blog update next week!)!

then, some pictures from the amazing classes which Ashley ran, helped by Amani!

Ashley with Reuben and Rehema

Loveness showing us her painting.

Maureeni is proud of hers too.

Pray is armed with a paintbrush – everyone watch out!

Ester working hard.
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