Because so much has happened over the last week I thought that two smaller blogs might be easier to digest than one mammoth one.  The volunteers and Mamas took the kids to a really cool playground –  Tiger Market which is near Njiro (Arusha).  Needless to say, the kids were super excited and had a fantastic time!  Bethan has been amazing with updates of this week, and here she shares some of the most memorable (and funny) moments of the trip!
“The day trip to the playground near Arusha was great!  The playground had a climbing frame, two big trampolines, a large model aeroplane that the kids could climb up and sit in (Saimoni liked to pretend his was the pilot!). There were about nine swings and two large swings that fit about six children and a mama.

“All of the children had a fantastic time (although Shujaa was pretty grumpy!)!  As stated on Facebook, it was Queen’s first time on many of the things, and it was so nice to see her running around and jumping around pain free from her injuries and just having an enjoyable day.  Peace particularly loved the ball pit, in fact I think that was the kids’ favourite part!  They loved burying themselves and each other under the balls.

“There was a big inflatable slide that the kids climbed up first ad then slid down into the ball pit.  Little Maureen was apprehensive about going down it at first, but as soon as she got the courage to do it once there was no stopping her!
“There was even an electronic aeroplane ride and  an electronic train ride! Brighton was not a fan of the first electronic ride. He got in the seat and cried his eyes out and had to come off.  Luckily he seemed to like the train ride much better!  It was great seeing that he is now settled in well enough to really enjoy everything.

“We made peanut butter sandwiches and they had juice for lunch which went down very well and Franky was still munching away whilst in the ball pit. As long as his sandwich was safe, he didn’t care about anything else!

“They were all exhausted in the car, with most falling asleep right away, (I was almost asleep myself with my head resting on a sleeping Ebenezer Kubwa!).  They each had a biscuit as they arrived back at the orphanage and they then had their afternoon nap. After a tiring day, the evening shift was pretty relaxed and most went to sleep quickly that night.”

Thank you from us and from the kids for helping to raise the money to make day trips like this possible!