An apple a day keeps the doctor away…

Last week you all had a lot to read, with two different blogs covering our week’s news!  Because of that, we thought that we would keep this week a little shorter!  So, in light of our Facebook post about how the kids get their heads shaved regularly because it makes keeping them clean (and healthy) so much easier, this week’s blog is about some of the other things that your support allows us to do to promote the kids’ well being.

1. An apple MANGO a day keeps the doctor away!

Maureen ndogo tucking into her fruit of the day.
The Mamas and volunteers make sure that the kids get fresh fruit from the orphanage garden or local market each afternoon. This can include bananas, oranges, pears, mangos, avocado, oranges etc.  Sticky but yummy!

2. Healthy and balanced meals cooked by our fantastic cook!

Dinner time – before the floor is strewn with food!

She has previous experience working as a cook at a safari lodge, but decided to leave there to spend more time with her children (and now LOTS of other children too!!).

3. Multivitamins!

Miriam and Maureen showing off their dazzling smiles (the Mamas and
volunteer ensure that the kids brush their teeth every morning).
The kids take these every day to ensure that they are getting everything they need to grow up fit and healthy, and strong enough to fight off all the bugs that are so easy to catch when so many kids live together! The toddlers take them in a liquid form and then graduate onto the solid ‘pipis’ (‘sweeties’!) when they are old enough.

4. And for the tiny-tots: formula milk to get them off to a good start!

Priscilla looking big and healthy just before she moved onto solid food!

The combination of oats, milk and peanut butter which the older babies are fed just doesn’t contain what newborn babies need to be nourished with; formula milk ensures that they get everything they need to aid healthy development from birth.

Thank you!
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