Bonanza Donation from Fred’s World

This is looking back a bit now, but The Small Things is very grateful for the amazing support it gets from Fred’s World in Denmark. Fred’s World is a company that specialises in beautiful organic clothing for children. We have been so lucky that such a brilliant manufacturer has chosen to support us, and in such a big way.

Back in January Fred’s world made an incredible donation. They were moving offices, and decided to give us 7 boxes of gorgeous, strong, good quality clothes – an impressive 105kg!!! As our board member Dorothy remarked, “Those kids are going to be the best dressed children in Tanzania. Fred’s World rocks!”
Here are some of the pictures of this amazing haul of clothes:

The boxes arrive…
…bursting at the seams.

Here’s what Fred’s World say about their own clothes:

“Fred’s world by Green Cotton is designed with a Scandinavian approach to children’s development. There are no princes and princesses but active kids with a lust for life in practical but smart clothes. Keywords for how we want our children to develop are:
Safe, active, knowledge, understanding of the human interaction with nature, experience, absorption, fantasy, possibilities, co-responsibility, rights, freedom.”

which sounds perfect for our kids.

And quite clearly, it is perfect:
Peace in Fred’s World
Andrea in Fred’s World
Dainessi in Fred’s World

There’s nothing better in the orphanage than being able to dress the kids in good quality clothes that aren’t ripped, stained or falling apart at the seams.

So, once again THANK YOU FRED!!!

Next week, we should be able to have a detailed welcome blog for our new baby (see Wednesday’s Facebook post), plus wonderful things that have been made for Nkoaranga by some very wonderful people.

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