Volunteer with The Small Things and prepare to have your hearts stolen by the wonderful children!

Are you
adventurous, hard working, patient, an experienced traveller and looking to
have the best few months of your life? We are looking for volunteers starting
from September onward. Our volunteer program is far cheaper than the
alternatives and 100% of the money paid towards the program goes directly either to
your accommodation or to the children – none goes to administrative
costs or middlemen. We have a 4 week minimum time commitment for non-peak
times and would love to hear from you! Just drop us an email with your resume,
a little bit about yourself, and when you’d like to come and volunteer, and we’ll
get the ball rolling. 
do you want to do more than volunteer? Do you have experience in grant writing, fundraising, volunteer coordinating or working on a sponsorship program? We
are looking for 2 hard working, organized and enthusiastic interns to join us in
Tanzania for a term of at least 6 months. Housing and a monthly food stipend
provided, no other fees! 
Email [email protected] to get
started. What are you waiting for? 

For a first hand account of what it is like to be a volunteer in Nkoaranga through The Small Things, read the following piece by one volunteer, Sarah, and try and come up with a reason as to why you shouldn’t volunteer!


“When I was a young girl I knew that I
wanted to do two things when I got older. I knew I wanted to visit a country in
Africa (preferably Tanzania because that was where my 
pen-pal was from), and I
wanted to volunteer in an orphanage. In 2010, both of those goals merged into a
month long trip that changed my life. Through a large volunteer headquarters, I
was placed in Arusha, Tanzania to volunteer in a baby orphanage. The job
description was, to put it simply, heaven: feed, play with, and snuggle the
babies. But that was it. After a week of doing this with 5 to 10 other
volunteers, my presence felt slightly insignificant and I never really felt
that I was part of the orphanage. However, I bonded very closely with a small,
one year old girl named Miriam.

Sarah and her girl, Miriam, blowing some bubbles

I left Tanzania feeling unsatisfied and
incomplete. I knew that I wasn’t done with the country, I knew I wanted to stay
involved in Miriam’s life, and I wanted a volunteer experience that I felt I
made a difference through. After months of unanswered emails to Miriam’s old
orphanage and another unsatisfactory volunteer experience in Vietnam, I finally
got a short response telling me that Miriam had been moved to Nkoaranga orphanage. I
contacted Nkoaranga and, within 1 DAY, I received a written update, a photo, and
a video of Miriam. I immediately inquired about volunteering and easily
arranged a two month stay for the summer. I could immediately tell, through quick
and thorough communication, that I was on the right track to fulfilling the volunteer
experience I had been looking for. 

Sarah brought over these 4 beautiful princess dresses which the girls LOVED!

I am nearly at the end of my volunteer
journey here at Nkoaranga and couldn’t be happier with my time. I am
completely immersed in the everyday jobs of the orphanage. All of the mamas and
children know my name and depend on me as an important member of the staff. My
observations and thoughts are encouraged and valued, and I am just as much a
part of the orphanage as the Mamas. I live in the community at a volunteer
house where I can be independent but still have the opportunity to become close
with other volunteers. Because I chose to go directly through Nkoaranga rather
than a volunteer headquarters, my trip has been extremely affordable and still
dependable. Most importantly, I have seen my donations being put to use, my
presence has been appreciated and necessary, and I feel that I have FINALLY
found the volunteer experience I’ve been looking for. Now, if I could only find
way to fit 23 little children into my suitcase and back to America!”

Thank you to Sarah for these honest and insightful words about the reality of volunteering through The Small Things. Since writing this piece, Sarah has made her departure from Tanzania and is safely back home in America after some tough goodbyes at Nkoaranga!