Charitable trick-or-treating this Halloween!

With only a week to go, why not treat rather than trick this Halloween?!

As we are sure you all know, Halloweeeeeen is fast approaching! Whether you have kids who are getting excited, or you yourself are getting ready to don your costume and head out trick-or-treating (like me!), we at The Small Things have decided that this year we will do trick-or-treating a bit differently…and we thought that you might like to join us!
Angel with her princess tiara, with  Dada Faraja
Rather than just asking for candy, take a small bucket (or pumpkin-minus-candle) around with you and also ask for a small ‘treat’ towards The Small Things.  Even if each house just give you £/$1 it would be £/$1 which would otherwise not have been raised, and every penny makes a difference to the fantastic children who, as you can see from the pictures, also love dressing up!
Face painting!
Whilst ‘treating’ is an absolutely fantastic way to support The Small Things (or another charity!) this Halloween, if you are looking to go a step further, consider planning a volunteering adventure!  Travelling to Tanzania to volunteer at Nkoaranga Orphanage may initially seem even more scary than ghouls and monsters(!), but it is actually the most rewarding experience you’ll ever have. The kids are amazing and will make you never want to leave, even though they can be little monsters sometimes!

To learn more about volunteer life on a day-to-day basis and the opportunities that are out there for you, click here to visit our volunteer page and to download the volunteering guide.

…and of course, there are many other ways to support The Small Things and these beautiful children and Mamas, so if none of these options quite fits your preferred method of ‘treating’, check out our website for other ideas!

Here is one of our past volunteers, Sarah, with four beautiful princesses!  

Whatever you choose, THANK YOU and we hope that your Halloween is truly spook-tacular!