‘Give to Receive’ – More about this year’s Project Education kids!

You know that we are raising money and finding sponsors to send these 6 awesome kids to school…but what exactly makes each one so awesome and unique?!


Unfortunately, we haven’t had much time to get to know Issak and his sister Auntie (below). They are the older brother and sister of Hope and Shalom, who have both come to the orphanage fairly recently. They belong to a very large family and their father was finding it very difficult to provide for them all. It is impossible to do his job in town with young children at home, but he clearly loves them very much and wants the best for them. This is a great opportunity for them to have an education they would have been unlikly to get otherwise.

We’ll make sure you hear a lot more about Auntie and Isaak when we’ve spent a little more time with them, but in the meantime, we think they are a pair that are definitely showing a family resemblance – I’m sure we could probably spot it in the pictures of Hope and Shalom on Facebook as well (although Hope may be a bit tiny yet!)

…is a lovely, silly and funny little girl! She has a cousin called Angela who she adores, and sometimes insists that she is called Angela. She loves to dance to different music videos along with the other kids. She only arrived at the orphanage fairly recently to join her little sister Vicky. Her father was finding it hard to look after her at home, but he visits when he can and is very keen for her to get a good education.
Although the next 3 are already sponsored its still nice to get to know them a little better!

…has just lost her two front teeth! She is also the only girl in the orphanage who is patient enough to have her hair braided. She is very caring and good at looking after the younger kids. She has the loudest screech in the orphanage, with the possible exceptions of Baraka and Pray, although it is heard more rarely than both of theirs. I’m sure she and Pray will make sure that school never gets too quiet!


…is Little Neema’s big sister, who has been living with their grandmother. It’s a shame their family has had to be split up like this, but they come from a very poor family and after their mother died it would have been very difficult for them to look after both children properly. You can see little Neema on the picture above too – could it be any clearer that they are sisters? As Bekka is fond of saying, ‘they just have the same face!’


…is such a great little boy who is always so full of life and energy. He is especially good at building a tower of chairs and tables to try to turn on the TV! He also has his quiet moments: I have seen him completely absorbed in reading ‘The Cat in the Hat’.

Although Loveness, Anna and Pray are already sponsored, Isaak, Queen and Auntie still need sponsors to begin school.  If you are interested in becoming their sponsor, please check out our sponsorship page for Project Education here or email us at [email protected] for more details!
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