Holiday Sponsorship Drive

Holiday Sponsorship Drive
‘Give to Receive’

Since it is now just over a month until Christmas, we are excited to begin our holiday sponsorship drive!  As many of you may remember, last year we ran ‘Project Education’ which raised money and found sponsors for 4 amazing children – David (below), Pendo, Abdulli and Andrea – to begin school!  The project was a huge success and they are all doing really well, so THANK YOU!

This year, our first priority is to continue the work of Project Education for our next 6 children (just below!) but, unlike in previous years, we’re not done once the kids entering school have sponsors!

Our first priority…

…is to get the remainder of these 6 awesome kids sponsored to start school in January.  We are delighted to say that Loveness, Pray and Anna are already sponsored, but Queen, Isaak and Auntie still need your help.  If they can get sponsors, they will be starting at a fantastic local school called Amani (Peace) Academy, which has ranked highest in the region on national tests for the last several years, and in fact ranked within the top 25 schools in all of Tanzania.  Unlike in previous years, they will be attending as day-students and living in a family-style house which we have set up, rather than boarding.  We would love for you to read more about this aspect of the project as we are very excited to be able to provide them with a more family-style environment.

…following this, we want to try to find sponsors for all of the orphanage children to help fund their care in the orphanage.

What are the holidays truly about, if not about opening up the warmth of a family to a child without one? As each child gets a sponsor, we will add their ornament to the tree we can be seen on our holiday fundraising page, so you can see the progress we are making. Let’s fill it up!  Here’s a little sneak preview!

We also have an extra incentive for our wonderful supporters to donate over the holidays. From now to January 1st, any new sponsors will receive a special thank you! ALL new sponsors will receive a beautiful handmade African ornament as a token of our appreciation (check them out to the right of the tree), and full sponsors will also get one of our 2014 Calendars (also now available for purchase).  Of course, we realize that many people are unable to commit to a sponsorship but would still like to contribute and for this we are extremely grateful! For one time donations between now and January 1st, we would also like to offer several different gifts to express our thanks – find out more on the holiday fundraising page. Finally, calendars or donations in someone’s name make a great gift, and recipients will get a beautiful card as well! Sponsor or donate now!


Quick Donation

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Whatever support you can give, whether it be spreading the word, buying a meaningful gift for someone special, or becoming a sponsor, it will make a difference and we are so grateful.