Of Christmas trees and calendars…

The New Year is starting to look very close right now. January 2014 will be an important time for The Small Things, as we will be opening the pilot house of our children’s village where Loveness, Pray, Anna, Queen, Isaak and Auntie will be living as they start school. This is a huge thing for them, so a massive thank you to all those who have signed up to sponsor them. The response to the appeal from the Girl’s Gone Child blog post has been wonderful, so thanks also go to Rebecca Woolf for all her help getting the word out.

Opening the pilot house to the school-starters is also a huge step for us, as we branch out from the orphanage. It should be a very big year for The Small Things – hopefully we will have lots of successes to look back on this time next year as we move towards setting up the children’s village.
We’d like to take the opportunity to celebrate the success of our Holiday Sponsorship drive and to thank everyone who has signed up as a sponsor. There is no way we would be able to continue our work without your support. The ‘small things’ that you are all doing are going to make a huge difference. 
Look how much our tree has filled up since November, when there were only a few children its branches! The picture is actually looking even better than this, thanks to the sponsorship that has come through for Isaak just in the last couple of days. 
It’s not too late to get Shalom, Irene and the twins on the tree, and we would love to get the full set!

Calendars 2014

You may know already that our 2014 calendars have been on sale for a while on the website, but we now have a couple of previews for you so that you can see just how much you want one in your home! If you haven’t got your calendar for the New Year sorted yet, then we can definitely help.
Coming up in January, we have Peace looking happy and warm in the ball pit, with little Neema on the trampoline:
Then in May we have the wonderful Mama Pendo, who holds the orphanage together. Loveness is really showing how much the children love her, but the rest of them seem to be a bit more interested in her birthday cake! We also have Brighton at the top and Big Maureen showing us her strength with that chair:
Finally, my personal favourite has to be October, which features a happy Isaac, a standing Shujaa, and babies with bubbles:
The calendars are selling for $20 in the US, £12 in the UK and $25 elsewhere in the world, and there should still be time to order before the New Year! Go to https://www.thesmallthings.org/helpprojects.html and scroll right to the end to order.
For those in the UK there is also another option – the desk calendars. These are new for this year and we’re interested to see how they go. They will be £6 plus delivery and we won’t be able to sell them through the website, so please drop me an email on [email protected] with your address if you would like one. Or, just maybe, you could win one on Facebook!
Again, here is a little preview:
The front cover
March pictures Loveness looking very beautiful and reflective as she hold Isaac.
Thank you all for reading and Happy Holidays!
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