Daily life at the pilot house

The kids are all settling in really well

I am so happy to be writing to you about the daily life at the pilot house.  Life there is quite simple yet we are all so excited to see the six children settling into a family-style home.

All the little things – breakfast before school, having them return to the house each night after their first days of school and all the new things they are learning, their doing their homework together and having dinner – are all wonderful.

I hope you will enjoy reading and seeing some pictures of life there.  After all, it is all of your support that has made this possible!

The house has a lovely dining room where everyone can share dinner together

The house is lovely – very light and airy!  It has a nice big bedroom for the children, as well as room for Mamas and for Pendo, Mama Pendo’s daughter who, as a qualified social worker, has joined our team of pilot house staff!

Here they are hard at work, coloring in and practicing their letters!

As you may know, the children are going to the Amani Primary School during the weekday mornings.  At lunchtime they come back, have lunch and do their homework.  During the afternoon (from 2pm til 5pm) we are also lucky enough to have volunteers come down to the pilot house to help with homework and play with the kids.  They have a great dining room and dinner table they all sit at at meal times.

Pray and Isaak, new buddies! 

At the moment they are learning numbers and how to write letters, which they’ve been practicing.  When Emma (one of our new and fantastic interns) went down to visit they were colouring in, doing some puzzles and playing with balloons. Auntie wanted to be in every single photo and they were each trying to gain possession of the sunglasses!  They all seem to be thriving and it’s great they get more attention.

Queen looking cool in her sunglasses

We are hoping to take the pilot house kids on a field trip to a kite festival in Arusha this Sunday so w’ll keep you posted!

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