Success for The Small Things and the “Spread the Love Auction” 2014!

We have said it many times already, but we shall say it again. THANK YOU SO MUCH! We are overwhelmed by the support of everyone who contributed towards our first ever online auction, “Spread the Love 2014”. Whether you donated items, services, money, made a bid, invited friends and family, or simply took the time to have a look at our auction, it has all made a BIG difference.
We raised over a whopping $14,000!

That certainly is something to smile about. Right, Lulu?
And as we mentioned in our Facebook post on Tuesday, we have some exciting news to announce…..
We are extremely proud, thrilled and delighted to announce that having found the perfect area, we have been able to finalize the purchase of our land for the construction of the Children’s Village for orphaned children in Tanzania!
This is a MASSIVE step forward for the future of The Small Things. This land is the first step and, perhaps the most vital, that will lead to the benefit of so many children and families in Tanzania. We cannot wait to keep you updated with photos and news from the ground with the progress and the next steps following the purchase of this land.
To start you off, take a look at the photos! It will require your imagination to envisage a Children’s Village on what currently looks like some very lush but plain land, but this is just the very start of our very big project!

Also from the generosity of our supporters, The Small Things have already been able to buy a brand new bicycle from the “Fund-a-Need” section in the auction. Here is Pray enjoying it!

Pray recently lost his first tooth but certainly has not lost any energy! 

And as you may have already seen in last week’s blog, thanks to all those who made the Nkoaranga children their Valentine through the auction, we were able to send them all on an exciting field trip to a big play park last week!

Miriam, Fanuelli, Shujaa and Frankie enjoying the dinosaur at the play park.

With lots of love and gratitude,
The Small Things

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