Meet Glory, Agape and Priska: three girls who would love to find sponsors! Could you help?

Have you ever thought about becoming a sponsor to a child in need, but perhaps have been put off due to wondering where your money might go? Or perhaps it seems quite daunting to send money for somebody who you do not know personally? Within the last few months, we have received three new girls who are in need of sponsors. The Small Things is very proud to have such a great sponsorship program in place, with 100% of the sponsors’ money going towards the intended purpose, and ensuring that frequent updates are provided so that you can form a special bond with your child. If you would rather not commit to becoming a sponsor, we also have the option to make a one time donation, with the chance to add a note stating which child you would like the money to go towards. Sponsoring a child is a great way to support our work, open your family to a child without one, and develop an ongoing relationship with one amazing child.

Read on to meet our three new girls!


As you may have seen on Facebook recently, one of the three girls we are hoping to find sponsors for is Glory. Today is Glory’s birthday and she has turned two years old! Becoming a sponsor to Glory would be the greatest gift: a huge benefit for Glory, and extremely rewarding for yourself.
Glory lived with her father until very recently when he became homeless and could no longer care for her. She is a sweet, shy girl who covers her eyes with her arms when she is overwhelmed, but sings and laughs once she relaxes. She has formed a beautiful bond with one of our current volunteers, and we are thrilled to see Glory so happy.
In addition to this, we have recently been able to hire her father as the guard at our volunteer complex. He is doing brilliantly, and is also learning English. Everybody loves him! We are very happy that we could assist him in such a way too. The complex where he works is just a short, five minute walk away from the orphanage, so he and his daughter are able to see each other very easily and continue their strong relationship.
Where will my money go if I choose to sponsor Glory?
Due to her age, Glory is residing at the orphanage. While we want our children to know and come to love their sponsors, we don’t want to penalize children without one. Therefore, all sponsorship donations for the orphanage children go into a communal fund used to support all of the children’s care and is spent in accordance with the immediate needs of the orphanage. However, any gifts or letters sent will go directly to your child.  


Agape, who will be turning seven years old next week, is a very sweet young girl whose father abandoned the family before she was born, and has lived with her mother her whole life. She and her mother are both quite seriously ill, and she had to leave her school because of the stigma attached.
Her mother has requested that she live in the pilot house because she is so shunned in their area due to disease. It was very important to us that we listened to the wishes of her mother, and through continued discussion, we agreed that Agape would return to her mother every weekend. This set up is going really well so far, and both Agape and her mother are very content with the support being provided.
Where will my money go if I choose to sponsor Agape?
The Pilot House and Children’s Village Projects are run by The Small Things, and our donors cover all costs for the children. While we want our children to know and come to love their sponsors, we don’t want to penalize children without one. Therefore, all sponsorship donations go into a communal fund used to support all of the children’s care, and children may have multiple sponsors. We will consider a child “available” for sponsorship until 200% of the sponsorship amount is met, and any overflow will be used to assist other children. However, gifts or letters sent will go directly to your child. 

Sadly, a case of sexual assault has
recently come to the attention of The Small Things.  Priska* is a 16 year-old girl from the Arusha
region, who has now had to leave her village and her family because of the
stigma attached to her experience of abuse. 
Unfortunately, in Tanzania and
across the world, it is not uncommon for women who have been sexually assaulted
to face isolation and rejection in their communities. Many have little access
to services or support and go on to face homelessness, poverty and psychological
Priska is currently living in Pippi House which is a partner non-profit that
offers residential care to women and girls in similar situations.  Pippi House provides vocational training, medical
care and psychological support. This gives those living there the chance to
continue to learn and hopefully progress onto a job or higher education.

Priska is in need of sponsorship so that
she can continue to live and learn there. Her care is currently being funded by
The Small Things, but because she is not part of Nkoaranga Orphanage we are
restricted to offering her temporary support. We would like to find sponsors to enable Priska to stay at Pippi House
for the rest of her education (approximately 2 – 3 years), by which time she
will hopefully be in a better position to move forward with her life.

We would love to assist Priska, and we
believe that Pippi House is the best place for her to be. Her future should not
be ruined by the acts of those who attacked her. We hope to find sponsorship so
that she may build her confidence again, receive the
vital support and friendships she needs, and flourish as an independent young
woman with ambition and education.

(*name changed and detailed information restricted
for purposes of anonymity)  

Where will my money go if I choose to sponsor Priska?
We currently support several outreach families through our program, and in extenuating circumstances provide outreach services to young adults in need. Since each situation is different, they each require a different amount of monthly support, as you can see in the descriptions. Donations for Priska will go towards the living and learning expenses that are required for her to stay at Pippi House. However, you can always choose to give more and split it between a few recipients! 
After reading the profile’s of our three newest children, perhaps you have a few more questions?

What will I receive by becoming a sponsor?

Sponsors receive twice-yearly updates with photos and videos, and a letter detailing your child’s progress. 

What can I do from home for my sponsored child?

Sponsors are also encouraged to send letters, birthday or holiday presents, and can track their child’s progress through our website and Facebook page.

How much does it cost to sponsor a child?
We have five levels of sponsorship available. These are:

Rafiki (Friend) sponsorship: $15 or ₤10 per month covers your child’s toys, games, trips off the property, and medical care.

Mualim (Teacher) sponsorship: $30 or ₤20 per month covers your child’s day preschool, plus buys books for the orphanage.

Shangazi (Aunt) or Mjomba (Uncle) sponsorship: $50 or ₤30 per month covers your child’s food and vitamins.

Mzazi (Parent) sponsorship: $75 or ₤50 per month covers the mama’s salaries and the child’s housing and clothes.

Shujaa (Hero) sponsorship: $150 or ₤100 per month covers all of the above! Shujaa sponsors can also choose to help cover our administrative and other costs by adding on an additional amount per month.

If you think that you could be a part of helping any of our children, please follow the links provided above in their profiles, or click here to visit our full website with details on all our children. Don’t forget, we also have the option to make a one-time donation, just add a note with the name of the child that your money is for.
Thank you from all of us at The Small Things for anything you are able to give to help build a future for these wonderful children.