Easter fun!

Whilst many of us (me included!) were busy eating chocolate eggs on Easter Sunday, the kids at Nkoaranga were having a different sort of treat!  A fieldtrip! Of course, there was the usual pre-field trip excitement (it wouldn’t be a field trip without it!): everyone getting dressed nicely; the preparation of lots of sandwiches by our fantastic volunteers, and everyone singing loudly all the way down the hill!

Eman, Pray and Loveness together on their day out!

These field trips are important for the kids.  As well as being fun, field trips give them the chance to explore outside the zone of the orphanage, the pilot house and occasional trip to the market or local shops (and school, for the older ones).  It’s great that they have the chance to see more of their local area, wave to people as they pass by, and generally widen their horizons.  And what better way to give them this experience than by taking them to a playground!?  It is lovely seeing their excitement at all the new and different things that they pass.  There is lots of pointing and shouting the names of everything – I once heard them yell ‘puddle!’!

Stevie getting turned into some kind of animal!

After lots of playing, exploring, face-painting snacks and, of course, more playing (as you can see from the pictures!), it is time to head back home.  It’s been an energetic and fun-filled day, with lots of new memories made.  The kids are quiet and sleepy but happy as they drop off the pilot house kids and troop off the bus and back up the little hill to the orphanage gate.  Then its time for dinner (much easier to handle than usual because everyone is tired!) and then into bed.

Everyone hurrying back up to have another turn on the slide – including Eman!

As I hope I have managed to convey to you, field trips are always special days for the kids.  I hope the pictures and descriptions have helped us to say thank you to you for helping us to make them happen!