Kongerslev Junior Klub’s “Africa Team” – a perfect example for #SmallThingsSummer!

Welcome to our newly-launched summer campaign: #SmallThingsSummer!

Emma with her paintings.

If you have been following us on Facebook or Twitter, you will have already heard a little bit about our newest social project. What we are doing is asking our supporters across the globe to do one “small thing” this summer in support of The Small Things, so that together we can raise money to fund the Orphanage Reform, improving the quality of health and sanitation for our beautiful kids.

To find out exactly where the money will be spent, please visit our Campaign Page here.

There have already been some great fundraising ideas. For example, we have Emma providing one-of-a-kind paintings in return for small donations, Jordan and her family trekking through Brecon Beacons, Amy giving up chocolate and selling jam, along with plenty of small change collections happening all over the world. Thank you to everyone who has already started to advocate for the #SmallThingsSummer campaign. But if you haven’t already, there is still plenty of time!

One of the simplest things you can do is sign up to our Thunderclap to spread awareness of the campaign on Twitter or Facebook. It asks for the standard Facebook permissions, but it will only make one tiny little post on your behalf, helping to spread the word on the 14th of July.
Please click here to sign up – we desperately need 50 more people so we can launch it to the world!

A Feature #SmallThingsSummer Mini-Campaign

Our board member Marie has recently been to visit 15
wonderful young people who have raised $800 for The Small Things through their
youth group in Kongerslev, Denmark. Their “Africa Team” has been making and
selling cake, lollies, bracelets and candles since Christmas, and proving
beyond doubt that every little bit helps.
The handing over of the final cheque.
They even recorded an African inspired song with their music teacher
and then sold the CDs to add a bit extra to the pot.
A table laden with sweets, candles and CDs.
Their fundraising finished with an evening of homemade
Tanzanian food and chai tea, with a fundraising lottery for parents and a look
through some of Marie’s photos and videos from the orphanage – all for a small
entrance fee of course!
To top it all off, the members of the youth club have donated their own toys, puzzles and shoes to pack into a suitcase which Marie will be bringing across to Tanzania this summer when she comes.
These kids have done this on their own, with a little help from their very supportive youth group leader Vibeke. Marie was overwhelmed by their enthusiasm and excitement. They wanted to do something good for others, and they have definitely succeeded.
Congratulations Kongerslev Junior Klub, and a massive THANK YOU from everyone at The Small Things for everything you have been doing.

A big thank you from the kids in the schoolroom
This group of young people perfectly embodies the spirit of
#SmallThingsSummer. No effort is too small to contribute to something really