#STS mini-fundraiser – Art for All

As soon as I heard about #SmallThingsSummer, I knew I wanted to get involved.  What better way to make the most of my summer than by joining lots of other people who are all working towards raising money for the same goal – The Small Things‘ Orphanage Reform Project.  I had already decided that I wanted to do more painting this summer, so I thought doing paintings for my fundraiser would be a good way to combine both wishes!
First paintings – and paint all over my sweater…
I wanted people to be able to choose what they would like me to paint (and mail) them in return for a small donation.  That way, each person could have a painting which they had had a part in creating and which meant something to them.  Since it was a mini-fundraiser, I hoped that everyone would be able to get involved and receive a unique piece of art in return for their support.  It is my first time doing commissions for people, but I thought that it would be the perfect reason to start.  All the same, I was quite nervous!
I worked out that it would be best to do fairly small paintings (5″x7″) because it would allow me to do several of them over the summer, whilst still giving me enough time on each painting to make sure it was as good as I could make it – I wanted people who had supported me and The Small Things to have the best quality painting I could make!  
It was great having my sister, Kirsty, paint with me one day
Originally, I set my goal at £30, hoping to get 6 requests over the summer.  I hadn’t expected the amazing support I would receive from everyone: requesting paintings; commenting on my posts, and passing the word around to their friends about my fundraiser!  When I exceeded £30 after week one, I decided to raise my target to £100.  Everyone has been so kind and enthusiastic, and it has meant a lot.
So far I have had 18 requests, including a friend trampolining, an African-sunset, and a hippo!  It has been fantastic to get requests from people from all over the world!  I will be sending paintings to Japan, Canada, Scotland, Zimbabwe, England, Tanzania, Sweden – and hopefully some others by the end of the summer!
Mailing paintings to Sweden, Canada and England
My favourite part about this project has been responding to the diverse requests from people.  I have had so many creative, personal and unique ideas, and it has been a lot of fun translating these into paintings.  If I had not been involved in #SmallThingsSummer and just done paintings myself, I definitely wouldn’t have produced such an interesting collection of paintings!
It has been very rewarding being able to give all the amazing people who have shown that they care for The Small Things and the Orphanage Reform Project something to remind them that we appreciate their support.  If you are interested in requesting a painting or finding out more, you can check out my mini-fundraiser page!
Thank you all so much!

Painting and thank-you note arrive safely